What Is The Talking Back Project?

22 Jan

What is the Talking Back Project?
A project designed to give people an opportunity to share their opinions about genital cosmetic surgery by confronting the language and images used to sell these surgeries to the general public.
What are genital cosmetic surgeries?
These surgeries are designed to change the appearance of a woman’s vulva (external genitals) and genital region. They can include removing parts of the inner and outer lips (labia), removing parts of the clitoris, injecting collagen, altering skin tone and more. The physicians who perform these medically unnecessary procedures enthusiastically endorse them to patients on their websites.
What can I do?
Don’t let these physicians have the last word – tell them what you think about these procedures! Take a few minutes to look at EACH of the websites posted below. For EVERY doctor’s website, leave a comment for that physician with your thoughts on how they are presenting these surgeries. We will gather these comments and send them to each of the physicians so that your voice will be heard! You may want to phrase your comment in the form of a letter:
Dear Dr. ______,
[Your message]
You do not need to use your full name. Repeat for each doctor.

Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore

14 Dec

These are images and text from Dr. Miklos’ and Dr. Moore’s website about cosmetic gynecology:

What do you think of these photos? Do you agree that “extra tissue in the genital area” can lead to feeling less feminine? Tell us what you think about this and more in the comments and we’ll make sure your thoughts get to Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore.

Dr. Delores Kent

14 Dec

This is what Dr. Kent has to say on her website:

What do you think of the images on Dr. Kent’s website? How would you respond to her explanation of why women want to get this procedure? Tell us in the comments and we’ll pass along your thoughts to Dr. Kent.

Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith

13 Dec

Here are some text and images from Dr. Hardwick-Smith’s website:

What do you think of how Dr. Hardwick-Smith describes labiaplasty? What do you think of these before and after photos? Leave your thoughts in the comments and we will send them on to Dr. Hardwick-Smith.

Dr. Marco A Pelosi II, MD

13 Dec

Below are some images and text from Dr. Pelosi’s website:

What do you think of Dr. Pelosi’s work? What message would you like to send Dr. Pelosi? Leave it in the comments and we will pass it on to him.